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March 13, 2014

Tomorrow, Friday March 14 is the last day to bring in a Leprechaun Trap. We will set them up Friday before we leave school. This is the weekend that the Leprechauns will play. I am sure that this year we will finally catch them. Fortunately, all the leprechauns go back to Ireland on the 17th. I have a feeling that we might have some trouble in the classroom as they are sure to love playing with all our fabulous games!

We have started to receive mail in response to the children's letters! We have marked 5 states and one foreign country already! These will go in the children's notebooks at the end of the year. Not all of our students have brought in addressed and stamped envelopes. There is still time!

Thursday March 27 we will going to the Denver Zoo! All children will need to bring a lunch and a drink that day. No money is necessary. We will not buy anything while we are there. We will board the bus at 9:15 at school and depart from the Zoo at 1:30. Parents are welcome to join us. Parents will need to pay for their admission to the zoo or use a member pass. Students are paid for through a PTO grant with funds raised at last year's auction.

Our fairy gardens are complete. They are truly magical! One garden, along with a very special book, all about fairies, will be available for purchase at the Silent Auction. The book is a hardback book written and illustrated by our kindergarten students! You will want to bring this project home with you!
Invitations for the auction are in today's Thursday Folders!

February 27, 2014
FairyClipArt.gif Fairy Garden Next week we will be putting together the Fairy Garden for the auction. I have included information for this again on the back of today’s newsletter. Please help your child find some trinkets to contribute to this project. Mrs. Uren has brought her own Fairy Garden to the classroom and the children are fascinated by it! There have even been some fairy sightings!
mailbox.jpg Mail Call
We have only received envelopes from a few of you for our students to send out their letters. We need them! The stationery is done and our first postcard arrived in the mail today! Please get us those stamped and addressed envelopes. The goal is for every child to receive some mail from somewhere in the world. The farther, the better!
Our Dramatic Play Center is now a Post Office. The children are writing letters and postcards to each other and sending them through the 107 Post Office. They must purchase stamps, envelopes, and postcards using nickels, dimes and quarters. We even have a bank in the classroom where you can withdraw the money you need!
Our trip to the Planetarium and Hands on Science room was fabulous. The children had a chance to experiment with all kinds of physical science. Hopefully, they have all told you that they are Sun Powered!

Library is Thursday – Please help children remember books! Tuesday is a good target.

OOPS!! Our Oops supply of pants and shirts is almost gone. If you have any out-grown kindergarten sized clothing you could donate, we would really appreciate it!

Homework - Think of 3 people to send letters to, the farther the better. Bring your stamped, addressed envelopes to school so that we can send out your letters. Look around your house and toy box for some small (1-2 inches) things that we could use in the fairy garden. Read your new songs and poems to your family and bring your notebook on Monday. Read the new books you have added to your Book Box. Look at the coins in Mom or Dad’s pocket. Can you tell which coins are which?

Mark Your Calendar:
Thursday, March 27 – Field trip to the Zoo! Parents Welcome!
March 31-April 7 – Spring Break -School resumes Tuesday, April 8
May 29 – Kindergarten Show!


Mrs. Betz’s Class Project

for the Southmoor Auction

Our class project for the auction is to create a fairy garden. What is a fairy garden? A fairy garden can be any size or shape ranging from sprawling gardens to a tiny flowerpot. The main ingredients you need to create a fairy garden are imagination and creativity; perfect for Kindergarten!! We will also need a few miniature supplies, please see the list below.

Mrs. Uren will provide the boxes and help us select the perfect miniature flowers and plants.
Items to donate for our class fairy gardens:
  • § Colorful pebbles or small rocks
  • § Jewels and gems
  • § Twiggs
  • § Small furniture
  • § Small toys
  • § Buttons
  • § Anything else you think a fairy would like in their garden!

We plan on making two gardens. One will be auctioned off at the Southmoor Auction. The second one we will donate to Southmoor’s community garden.

Here are some websites you can visit to get some other ideas about what we would want in our fairy garden or search on Pintrest!

Thank you for your help!

Jenny Hickman
Lee Betz
Diane Uren

If you would like to participate, please turn in your items by Wednesday, March 5th.
February 6, 2014

Tomorrow is the
100th Day of Kindergarten!

We look forward to seeing many parents here to help us celebrate by counting in many different ways! If your child has not brought in a collection of 100 things, please help him/her make a collection for tomorrow. Children should count their things by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s. It is exciting to share a collection with the class!

Tomorrow is also Class Picture Day. Class pictures are not included in the yearbook. If you wish to purchase a class picture you must pre-pay. Pictures cost $10.00.

Library is Thursday – Please help children remember books! Wednesday is a good target.

Homework - Students should start addressing those Valentine Cards. Be sure to include name and “address”(number) for our Post Office. Use envelopes if possible. Details were in last week’s Thursday Folder and can be found on the website.

Mark Your Calendar:
100 Day will be Friday, February 7 details in Thursday folder and on the website.
Class Picture Day will also be February 7
Kidsight vision screening – February 13
Valentine's Day - Friday, February 14 details in Thursday folder and on the website.
President's Day and Planning- February 17 and 18 - No School
Steele Planetarium Field trip-
February 26

January 24, 2014

It was great to see so many families at Science Night last week! Children are always excited to share their accomplishments with their families! I hope some of you have had an opportunity to try out some play dough recipes at home.

The word of the week is
Responsible. We are discussing what it means to be responsible in all the areas of our school. This would be an excellent time to review what it means to be responsible at home. Children should have some responsibilities in their home. Making their bed, setting the table, cleaning up their room, hanging up their coats and clothes are basic responsibilities that all children should be able to handle. Congratulations to Blake who earned the Mighty Moose Award this week! He demonstrates responsibility every day.
We will continue our study of the solar system this month while touching on the stock show as well. Look at the sky at night. Watch the moon change each night. And if you can...Visit the Stock Show! It is an experience every Denver resident should have!

Tuesday, February 4 will be Pajama Day. Students are asked to bring 50 cents to fight homelessness. Keep in mind when dressing for Pajama Day that we will still have recess and it will be a PE day for us.

The 100th day of Kindergarten is coming! Friday, February 7, 2014
will be the 100th day of Kindergarten class. We are preparing to celebrate! Our celebration is scheduled from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. This academic celebration will include many stations for the students to have fun while developing number sense. We will count up, down, and sideways by 1's 2's, 5's,and 10's. Your help is crucial! We are asking for as many parent volunteers as possible! We have planned the activities and will have the supplies and directions ready for you. Volunteers will facilitate an activity with small groups of students. If you volunteer, it would be best if you could volunteer for the entire block of time, so that as many students as possible get to participate in your activity.

The vision screening scheduled for today has been postponed. We will let you know when it has been rescheduled.

Library is Thursday – We still have many children who are not taking responsibility for their library books by returning them on time. There were 10 children without books today.
☺Homework - Rockets. Children should read the story with your help then answer the questions with complete sentences.

Mark Your Calendar:
Tuesday, February 4 - Pajama day
100 Day will be Friday, February 7
Class Picture Day will also be February 7
Valentine's Day - Friday, February 14
President's Day and Planning- February 17 and 18 - No School
Steele Planetarium rescheduled for February 26

January 16Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday - No School
We had to reschedule our trip to the Steele Planetarium due to a bus issue. We will go on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

This has been a week full of science! The class has completed a Project for the School-wide Science Fair. Our question was:
How do you make the BEST play dough? Students followed the scientific method with a hypothesis, ingredients, procedure, results and conclusion. They created 2 graphs and a Science Notebook of observations during the process. Each student participated in the presentation to the judge explaining the project. Our judge was very impressed with our students!
I hope you will be able to come to the Science Night on Thursday so that you can see our project.

This month Southmoor is kicking off our Positive Behavior Plan. We are discussing our expectations of behavior which are Respectful, Responsible, Collaborative and Kind in all areas of the school. Congratulations to Athena who earned the first Mighty Moose Award! She demonstrates these qualities every day! There will be a Mighty Moose Award given each month.

We will continue our study of the solar system this month while touching on the stock show as well. Look at the sky at night. Watch the moon change each night. And if you can...Visit the Stock Show! It is an experience every Denver resident should have!

The 100th day of Kindergarten is coming!

Friday, February 7, 2014 will be the 100th day of Kindergarten class. We are preparing to celebrate! Our celebration is scheduled from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. This academic celebration will include many stations for the students to have fun while developing number sense. We will count up, down, and sideways by 1's 2's, 5's,and 10's. Your help is crucial! We are asking for as many parent volunteers as possible! We have planned the activities and will have the supplies and directions ready for you. Volunteerswill facilitate an activity with small groups of students. If you volunteer, it would be best if you could volunteer for the entire block of time, so that as many students as possible get to participate in your activity.

Homework - Students should explain their science project to their families. Encourage your child to follow the sequence in the scientific process and use the language. Students will bring home their science project journals either Thursday evening at the science night or Friday. You will find the different recipes for playdough in the science journal. If you have time, it would be a terrific extension to make one of the recipes at home.
Mark Your Calendar:
Monday January 20 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day -No school100 Day will be Friday, February 7Valentine's Day - Friday, February 14President's Day and Planning- February 17 and 18 - No SchoolSteele Planetarium rescheduled for February 26

December 5
Happy Hanukkah!
We have two new songs for the holiday.

I am doing another reading assessment and have found that the children are becoming much stronger readers. Be sure they read the books they bring home to you. Keep practicing those sight words! They really help with the reading.

Our addition skills are pretty amazing. We are working on not just adding, but also writing the number sentence. 4 + 5 = 9 and using the language, four plus five equals nine. We have used a variety of materials to practice these skills. These are things you can practice at home, using the language even when there is no writing. Add forks, shoes, gloves and boots!

This would be a good time to check the spare clothes in your child’s backpack. Accidents DO happen. Some of our students are finding shorts and tank tops in their backpacks or pants they have outgrown! Having a change of clothes in the backpack insures that with minimal interruption your child will be able to change and keep going in school when an accident occurs.

Thursday is Library Day… Many children are forgetting their books. They may be returned any day… Perhaps on Monday with the notebook would help us remember.

☺Homework - Writing a cut-up sentence. We have been practicing usingcorrectly spelled sight words, spaces between words, capitals and lower case letters, and periods or other end marks used purposefully. It is also important to be able to create an illustration that matches the written word.
Mark Your Calendar:
First Trimester ends December 20, 2013
Second Trimester begins January 7, 2014
Field trip to the Steele Planetarium on January 17
Monday, January 20 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day -No school
November 7, 2013
Our Field Trip to the Denver Puppet Theater was great fun! The children enjoyed the story of and were entranced by the puppetry. We read another version of Rumplestiltskin in the afternoon. One of the standards for reading is for students to be able to retell a familiar story in sequence including details. We will be reading many different versions of fairy tales and folk tales in November and December. I encourage you to ask your children what story we read and can they tell it to you. We have read 3 different versions of Chicken Little, “The Sky is Falling,” that they should be able to tell you also! You can always pretend that you have NEVER heard the story and ask questions during the telling.

Our drama center is now a puppet theater where children are using the puppets to retell familiar stories. This is another way to practice the standard. The students are working with a partner to tell the story. It is also valuable for them to listen to others tell the story their way. The great thing about these familiar stories is that they can be told in so many different ways. The chicken might be dog or a whale or a moose? The story line can be the same with completely different characters and settings.

Thank you, Thank you!! to all the parents who came and helped us with our Halloween Celebration! The children are still talking about it.

Mustache day is Friday the 15th. Children are asked to bring a can of food for a food drive for the privilege of wearing a mustache at school. We hope to collect many cans or other non-perishable foods for the Food Bank.
Homework: Play Monster Squeeze! The students have brought home a BIG number line and 2 monsters along with directions for the game. Please try to use the words “greater than” and “less than” when playing the game. Greater goes by 0 and Less goes by 30. That way they move in the right direction. This game helps with Number Identification as well as the concepts of Greater and Less. More practice makes children more comfortable with the numbers and...It’s Fun!
No School – Mon, Nov. 11 or Tues, Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day/Planning
No School – Week of Nov. 25-29 Thanksgiving.

33523-clipart-of-vampire-bats-flying-in-front-of-a-full-moon-near-a-jack-o-lantern-pumpkin-by-maria-bell.jpg Halloween. There is a flyer in today’s Moose News about the Halloween plans for the school. Children may not come to school in costumes but may bring them in a bag. Children will change into costumes at 2:15. Parents are welcome to come and help with that and attend the parade at 2:45. We will have a party after the parade. We will be reading many PUMPKIN books and would like our party to be a PUMPKIN party. Specifically, Pumpkin Pie!! If you would like to donate a Purchased Pumpkin Pie, or whipped cream for on top, please let me know so that I can arrange for the party. We need enough, but not too much! If you do not want your child to participate in Halloween activities…Please let me know. We will have an alternative activity for these children for the afternoon.

Field Trip – Wednesday, November 6 9:15 – 11:45 to the Denver Puppet Theater We will be seeing Rumplestiltskin. Parents are welcome to attend. Student tickets will be covered by a Southmoor PTO grant. Adult tickets are $7.00 and can be purchased at the door. This is a kindergarten trip; please do not plan on bringing any additional children. We expect to have adequate room on the bus for parents, however we may have to ask you to drive yourself. Please let me know if you will be joining us for this adventure.

Homework: We continue to read and learn about the changes that fall brings to Colorado. The children enjoyed sharing their observations with the class. This week they are to write about their fall! You can help by urging them to use sight words they have learned and sound out the words that they do not know. Perfect spelling is NOT the goal…using letter sounds is the goal at this time.
As always…they should read the books that they bring home to you. Many books went home yesterday. If they are not finished and stickered… I would love to see them when they are done. The children have also taken home 10 orange flashcards for sight word list 1. Please practice. And...read those notebooks!

Field Trip – Wed, Nov. 6 9:15 – 11:45 Denver Puppet Theater
No School – Mon, Nov. 11 or Tues, Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day/Planning

WOW! Our trip to the fire station was fabulous. The fire fighters showed us every inch of the station, all their tools, let us hang out in the truck, gave us hats and safety books, even honked the fire truck horn! I hope that you have heard all about it! The children wrote thank you notes to the fire fighters with amazing details in their drawings. Children who include details in their pictures are destined to become writers who include details in their writing!
We continue our unit on fire safety. You will find new songs in our songbooks this weekend and we have discussed all manner of safety rules. Your kindergartener may remind you that October is the time to replace batteries in smoke detectors!

Many of our students were able to attend the Moose Is Loose! It is such a great community builder. I am thrilled that so many came. We have been talking about it all week.
Spoon_In_a_Container_Yogurt_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100221-001740-248042.jpgYogurt for Moms! A special day for Mothers! Next Thursday, Moms and Grandmothers are invited to school from 8:00-8:55 to have breakfast with the children. Kindergarten parents are invited to come into the classroom at 8:55 for about a 10 minute serenade. We will have a couple of special songs for you! Dads….Donuts for Dads will be in the spring!
This week we have learned to spell It, and, pink and Fire! The sight-word songs are really helping the students get into print when they look at books! They are constantly pointing out words that they know! These sight-words are the most commonly used words and will give the children confidence when attacking new reading material. Please be sure that they read to you everything that they are bringing home from school.

firetruck-802.gifHomework: Develop a family fire safety plan. Instructions and a paper to use for this can be found in the Thursday folder. It is important that every household have a plan that everyone understands…Just In Case!

Parent Conferences – Monday, October 7, Wednesday, October 9
Yogurt for Moms - Thursday, October 10 8:00-8:50
No School Monday, October 14 or Tuesday, October 15

September 26, 2013
Field Trip!! Tuesday, October 1, 9:15 – 11:00 October is Fire Safety month and we will be taking a walking trip to Fire Station #22. The firefighters will give us a tour of the station and their equipment and help us to understand what we should do if there is an emergency. Parents and families are welcome to join us on this trip! Please let us know if you will be able to join us.

Children are writing their names much better. We have learned to spell brown, is, apple this week! Our apples were examined and described with many wonderful adjectives (describing words.) We used all our senses then graphed our apples in 3 different ways. We have written about them, read about them, drawn them and today we will finally taste them!! We will compare the flavors of different colors and varieties. Please ask your child to tell you all about our apple activities!!

Homework: Come to the >>>Moose is Loose! I hope to see you all there for this day of fun and fundraising!! We are hoping to go on several field trips funded by this event! Read the new songs in your notebook and be sure to bring it back on Monday!

*Please write names on every jacket, sweater, hat, mitten, glove, boot, lunchbox, backpack, that your child brings to school. We already have some jackets that our students are sure they have never seen before. As the weather grows cooler there will be more and more.
*Please be sure that our girls are wearing shorts, tights, or leggings under dresses or skirts. Kindergarteners are active!
*If you have not yet sent headphones for your child to use in the computer lab, please send them soon.

Thursday is Library Day!!We encourage children to return books on Wednesday so that they are here on Thursday and they can choose a new book.

☺Conference confirmation slips are in today’s Thursday folder. I look forward to meeting with every child’s parents the week of October 6.

☺ Children are writing their names much better. We have learned to spell can, the, I, green, and yellow this week! We completed the first part of Handwriting by learning correct formation for numbers 1-10. Number books went home on Wednesday. Nest week we will move on to the teens. Please be sure to check backpacks every day and ask your child to tell you about the things work that was done in school! Learning is best when shared and celebrated!

Homework: We are beginning a unit on APPLES. Please take your child to the grocery store to see all the different kinds and pick out an apple to bring to class on Monday. Any color/variety will be great! We will examine them, write about them, sort them, graph them and even eat them!

The Moose is Loose
Walk/Carnival will be Saturday, September 28.
Parent Teacher Conferences – Monday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 9
No School Monday, October 14 or Tuesday, October 15
September 12, 2013
It was great to see so many of you at curriculum night! For those of you who were unable to attend, you will find all the handouts in the Thursday Folder today.
October parent teacher conferences will be scheduled for the evenings of the 7th and 9th. A conference sheet is in the Thursday Folder. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with each student’s parents. The link between family and teacher is so very valuable for the child’s success.
You will also find information about volunteering in the classroom in today’s folder. Just one more way we can work together for our student’s success!

I have also included a book order form for Scholatic Books in the folder. My online teacher ID is DWQQG.

Homework: This week I ask that you begin practicing writing your name the “Kindergarten Way.” Children need to be able to write their first name with 1 capital letter and the rest lower-case letters. If they have been using more capitals, making this switch can be a challenge. Many of our students have mastered their first names and are ready to start learning to write their last names! I have included a practice sheet and a model for you to use at home. Please watch the process and coach your child on formation. Start letters at the top, move left to write. This is not just a one week assignment. When they have mastered their own names they can move on to other family members!
*September 5, 2013

We have made the transition to full day kindergarten! The children have learned how to spell purple, red, I and can. They are really an amazing group of students!

We hope to get notebooks together so that they can go home for the first time tomorrow! Please find time for your child to show you his or her notebook and read the songs in the notebook for you. AND be sure to send it back with your child on MONDAY!

We will be starting on our Book Boxes today. That is what the shoe boxes are for. If you have a spare shoe box, we could certainly use it! The children have become comfortable with the classroom routines and rituals.

I have received emails from many parents and have put together a distribution list. If you did not get an email from me today and expected one, please send me another. If you would like to receive a weekly blast from me, please send me a request. The link to this website is also on the Southmoor website under Classroom News. I will also use your email when I have personal news regarding your child. Email is the best way to reach me. I cannot answer the phone when I am teaching.

Yesterday we attended a Moose Is Loose assembly. The children are really excited about this event! It is always a REALLY fun day and raises a great deal of money classroom extras! I urge you all to plan to attend!

August 29, 2013
Wow! What a great first week in Kindergarten! We have a wonderful group of bright, excited students ready to learn! We have already learned lots of names, made new friends and learned how to spell PURPLE! The big relief came on Friday when the air conditioning finally came on! Here's hoping it continues to work!! Next week we will start our songbooks. If you have not yet sent one, please send it on Tuesday. We will also be making book boxes out of our shoe boxes. Adult sized shoe boxes work best because we will be making lots of books this year! Thank you to all the parents who brought their children in for assessments. That 1 on 1 time with the children without distractions is so valuable! I will continue with these next week during the school day.

Most of you have met Mrs. Uren our wonderful paraprofessional. We are fortunate to have her almost all day this year. We also have Ms. Pfeffer (the first f is silent) who will be in class with us 3 days a week as a student teacher.

I hope that you will all be able to attend Curriculum Night. This is an adult only evening. This is when you learn everything you ever wanted to know about kindergarten. There are two sessions; 6-6:30 and 6:40-7:10. You only need to be in my class for one so if you have another child at Southmoor, you can visit that teacher as well.

I am compiling the distribution list for weekly news. Please send me an email and I will add your name to the list. I am late this week. I strive to have the news ready on Thursday so that it can go out both electronically and in the Thursday Folder. (Gold stars for Everyone...They came back on Friday!!)

I also hope that you have all signed up for the Southmoor Family Directory. This is separate from the School Database and is shared with other parents. It really helps when you want to organize play dates, carpooling, and birthdays! Your child WILL want to play with his or her new friends after school!