Going Home Note

Child’s Name

The first three days of school will be 8:55-11:40 for ALL students.

Dismissal will be out the door on Peach St. We will hold children until you come to get them and we know who they are going with! Students enrolled in the full day program will not be able to ride a bus home these ½ days.

Please tell us who will pick up this child at 11:40 August 27, 28, 29

_ __
Name Relation to child


All other days, students will be dismissed at 3:40 on Peach Street.

We will walk the children down to the side walk by the brick wall. Children will be instructed not to leave before telling us who is there to get them.

Students riding the bus or attending Kaleidoscope Corner will be escorted to the bus or lunchroom. No child will be dismissed without an adult. It is CRITICAL that parents let us know IN WRITING how they plan for their children to get home.

_ Child will be picked up at 3:40 on Peach Street by _

_ Child will go to Kaleidoscope Corner at 3:45.

_ Child will get on School Bus# _at 3:45.

Bus Stop (Important!) ___

Other plans:

Please let us know in writing or by email when and if this changes!
Nancy_King@dpsk12.org Lee_Betz@dpsk12.org