We are studying how mail gets delivered. Please help your child think of5 friends or family members that we could write to request a postcard.
It is exciting to learn about all the places that our friends and familylive. We will mark the map to show where all the postcards come from and
learn some geography too!

We have included 5 envelopes.
Each envelope needs:
1. Address (return address is already on)
2. Stamp
3. A note inside with:
- your student’s name
- the way they refer to this individual. ie...Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Furter or Nana and Papa.)
Children will write: Dear..... in class
The children well design their own stationary on the computer. We will writethe letters in class and mail them from school.
Then we eagerly await the arrival of interesting postcards from all over the United States...even all over the world!
Thank you,
Mrs. Betz and Mrs. King