Kindergarten will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th.
Children may bring Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. Please have your child prepare a card for each of his classmates. They should sign their own
name on the card and address them to their friends with both name and “address” (number) on the outside of the envelope. Envelopes are important since they
will go through our Real Kindergarten Post Office. Since most Valentine cards do not come with envelopes, please supply those for your child.
We will set up a working Post Office in our Dramatic Play center. It will handle all of our Valentine’s Day Cards. All mail will be stamped, canceled, postmarked, sorted and delivered. It is quite a process that involves the use of many reading and math skills.

Please encourage the children to do the writing but be sure that names and addresses are legible. They enjoy writing their friends names. It may take several days for
children to address all the valentines if they do a few at a time. OR Students may cut out the address labels and stick them on the envelopes.
If you would like to send a wrapped treat for their bags as well, that would be fine but treats should not be in the valentine card. They will not fit in the mail boxes
at the post office.
Children may begin bringing in their cards Monday, February 11. We try to get everyone through the post office the day that they bring in their cards. All cards need to
be in no later than Wednesday, February 13. Our post office will not be set up until Monday, February 11 so there is no real hurry! Delivery will involve practicing the skill of ordering numbers. Once the valentines are ready, help your child put them in order. Start with his own number then with each card ask, " Does this come before or after your number. Where does it fit?"
We will discuss the snack for that day with the children. Mr. Bazz is teaching the children the importance of a Heart Healthy lifestyle and we will make this a part of our Valentine’s Day Event. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN TO SEND ANY TREATS UNTIL WE ASK YOU!