July 24, 2013
Dear Kindergarteners and Parents,
We are happy to introduce Mr. Parker Fulton. He will be our new kindergarten teacher in room 108. We are also fortunate to add Ms. Claire Depart to our team. She will be teaching a kindergarten/first grade split class across the hall in room 4. She will have 1/2 day kindergarteners and full day first graders. Our interventionist, Mrs. Dallaghan will be part of the team as well providing support for the split class. Thanks to all our new staff, we will be able to keep class sizes in both kindergarten and first grade right around 25! Bios for all our staff can be found on the Southmoor website. Along with our paraprofessionals, Mrs. Uren and Mrs. Hisamoto, we expect to have a dynamic kindergarten team this year!

We are so excited to meet you! Kindergarten is a magical time of discovery, learning, growing, friends and fun. Just like Miss Bindergarten, Mrs. King and Mr. Fulton and Ms. Depart are getting ready for kindergarten.

Southmoor will have an open house Thursday, August 24, 6:00-7:00. Mr. Fulton and Mrs. Betz will both be there hoping to meet all our new students and their families! If you have your school supplies, that is a good time to bring them. The first day of school is not a good time to bring everything. All the children really need on the first day is their backpack. The rest can come later.

Kindergarten begins on Monday, August 26. The first 3 days will be ½ days. Kindergarteners will be in class 8:55 – 11:40. We will meet children on the blacktop just outside the entrance to the children’s garden. We will dismiss children at 11:40 out the Peach Street doors and keep them until we are sure they have connected with the correct adults. All children will need to be picked up. They will not be able to ride the bus or stay for Kaleidoscope Corner these 3 days. We have included a Going Home Note with this letter. Please complete this and bring it to the open house or on the first day of school so that we know who will be picking up your child. Thursday, August 30 will be the first full day of kindergarten…the first day they stay for lunch.

We will schedule 30 minute appointments for individual assessments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons from 12:30 – 3:30. These appointments give us an opportunity to get to know students, assess literacy skills and math skills so that we can tailor instruction to their individual needs. If we cannot meet with every child, we will be able to do some of the assessments during the school day.

Please send us an email to or to let us know when you would like to bring your child for an assessment. We will also add your email to our distribution list and send you a link to our websites. This is also the best way to get answers to any questions you may have about kindergarten. You will also have an opportunity to schedule an assessment appointment at the open house on the 24th.

This is going to be a terrific year in Kindergarten!
Lee Betz
Parker Fulton