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March 21
Thursday,March 27 we will go to the Denver Zoo! All children will need to bring a lunch and a drink that day. No money is necessary. We will not buy anything while we are there. We will board the bus at 9:15 at school and depart from the Zoo at 1:30. Parents are welcome to join us. Parents will need to pay for their admission to the zoo or use a member pass. Parents may need to drive themselves to the zoo. We don’t know what size bus we will get. Please let me know if you are planning to come with us! Students are paid for through a PTO grant with funds raised at last year's auction.
This afternoon we will tie-dye t-shirts to wear to the zoo and for field day!

Help! We are out of SOAP! Please send us a jar of hand soap if you can. We want to keep everyone healthy.

Mail continues to come in. The children are very interested in the US and world maps!

FairyClipArt.gif Fairy Gardens are complete. They are truly magical! One garden, along with a very special book, all about fairies, will be available for purchase at the Silent Auction. The book is a hardback book written and illustrated by our kindergarten students! You will want to bring this project home with you! RSVP for the auction now!

Mark Your Calendar:
Thursday, March 27 – Field trip to the Zoo! Parents Welcome!
March 31-April 7 – Spring Break -School resumes Tuesday, April 8
Saturday, April 12 – Southmoor Silent Auction
Thursday, May, 8 – Southmoor Multi-cultural Night
May 29 – Kindergarten Show!

Leprechaun Alert!

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